David Johnson

David Johnson (takes pictures) of Jeff Koons!


David Johnson is always shooting the latest and greatest celebrities for TIME Magazine, and this winter isn’t any different!  For the December 10th issue, David had the opportunity to shoot Jeff Koons in under 13 minutes, and got some really amazing shots. Click here to check out the article online, and keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of TIME to see who he shoots next!


Adrien Broom

The Room Without Color

We couldn’t help ourselves from sharing the beautiful, next installment of Adrien Broom’s “Where Did All the Color’s Go?”

Follow along as this young girl makes her way through Adrienne’s beautiful, abstract and colorless world.


Check back more images to come, or www.ANYWAYMGMT.com to see other examples of Adrien’s work — and more!


anyway news around town with Barry around town with Darren around town with Heather around town with Matt

Happy Holidays from Anyway MGMT!

Adrien Broom

Where Did all the Colors Go?

Adrien Broom’s new project follows a young girl who wakes up to a world without color. The project/ story will follow her journey as she goes from world to world, rediscovering each hue.  The diffrent lands will be captured by a variety of mediums, and will integrate instilation art, photography & film to create these betwitching locations.

We are extremely proud and impressed to share with you the first image from Adrien’s series, released today.

Check back here, or on the Anyway MGMT website to see what she finds next!



Williamsburg Gallery


Please join us on December 6th to honor the memory of Kira Gedal, a beautiful young student whose family emigrated from Kiev, soon after the Chernobyl disaster.  When we met her, she was in remission, no longer a cancer patient, and just a beautiful, optimistic, aspiring photographer who studied at FIT.  Kira had a bright and positive outlook on life, but was taken away from her family and friends far too soon.

Philip Habib

Today’s Frat Brothers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Philip Habib’s The Future Of America peeks into fraternity and sorority culture on campus.


Check out the story here!



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An effort to commune with Gaudí at La Sagrada Família.

Construction commenced in 1882, was roughly 20% done when Antoni Gaudí died in 1926 and continues to this day!

Gothic, Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau….all and beyond.

Hey hand….no touchy the Jesus! Ok, ok….you can have some delicious jamón.

Also got to see the genius of Messi @ the season opening Barcelona game!

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Photographers and brothers, Gorman & Gorman exhibit @ Williamsburg Gallery.


An example of brotherly cooperation and coordination!

The people came and came and came…

General happiness and plenty of cervesa y vino!

Beach Bro.

Country Bro.

On display through September 31st: www.anywaymgmt.com/gallery

anyway news Steve Giralt Williamsburg Gallery

Steve Giralt – The Archive

Images below of Photographer Steve Giralt’s exhibition, THE ARCHIVE.

As always, Steve packed the house!

A special thanks to NRI and Chris Braxton for the beautiful mounting of prints.

Show will be up at The Anyway MGMT Williamsburg Gallery through June. Thanks to all who came out.

All images can be views at www.anywaymgmt.com/gallery